Apply Japan e-Visa from United-states-of-america

ATTENTION: The new Coronavirus (Covid-19) border security measures have been relaxed by the Japanese government.

From 0:00 am (JST) on October 11, 2022, the visa exception courses of action has been continued.

The requirements to obtain a visa for business, various exchanges, etc. will no longer apply to those who fall under the measures, including Taiwan, the United States, and Canada. traveling and visiting relatives within the next 90 days

On November 1, the Japanese overseas establishment will automatically withdraw any application that the applicant has not withdrawn.

Regarding visa application using the JAPAN eVISA system

For travel to Japan, you should obtain a visa beforehand. Applicants who meet all of the following criteria may apply for a visa online on this website.
Applicants who do not fall under any of the following criteria are requested to apply at the nearest Japanese Embassy and Consulate.

Applicants eligible to apply online

  1. Individuals from the following nations or regions; Taiwan, the United States of America, and Canada are all candidates for single-entry visas.
  2. Those who will remain in Japan for various exchanges, business, etc., visiting relatives or going on vacation (Note 1) for up to 90 days without working
  3. The receiving organization in Japan (Note 2) is required to complete the prescribed application in the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS) and obtain a "Certificate for Completion of Registration issued by the ERFS" for visitors to Japan for business, various exchanges, or tourism.
  4. At the airport, applicants are required to access the JAPAN eVISA website and display a "Visa issuance notice." PDF data or a page screenshot will not be accepted.
  5. Online applications are not accepted for applicants with a criminal record. You must apply in person at the Japanese overseas location closest to you.
  6. On this eVISA system, no applicant with dual nationality (with Japan) can apply for a visa. You must apply for a visa at the Japanese overseas establishment that is closest to you.
  7. On this eVISA system, you cannot apply for multiple visas. You must apply for a visa at the Japanese overseas establishment that is closest to you.

(Note 1) Only foreign nationals or individuals from countries or regions that are permitted by the Japanese government's border measures are eligible to visit Japan for tourism purposes, and only if a travel agency in Japan serves as the receiving organization.

(Note 2) The getting association situated in Japan is the organization or association among others that utilizes the contestant or welcomes the participant to carry on with work or engage.